What Is Zoombucks – Can You Earn Money With It

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What Is Zoombucks

If you are looking for ways to make money online you might have come across ZoomBucks. What is Zoombucks? 

ZoomBucks claims that you can earn money online by completing surveys, watching videos, and doing tasks.

I’ve talked about a lot of ways of how to make money by doing surveys and applications like Google Opinion Rewards and Field Agent App and 14 Ways to make money online.

Keep reading if you want to find out if ZoomBucks is a legit way to make money online or it is a waste of time and effort.

What Is Zoombucks?

ZoomBucks is a reward site that pays you for watching videos, completing surveys, and doing other tasks.

In other words, ZoomBucks is a Get-Paid-To or GPT site that was launched in 2010 and has thousands of members all over the world.

A GPT site is where you can earn by doing different tasks online. The exact ways you can earn depends on the specific sites you join.

The common ways to earn money with these types of sites are by completing surveys, doing offers and deals, watching videos, clicking ads or playing games.

To join ZoomBucks is free. Once you complete a task you will get paid.

How Do You Earn With ZoomBucks?

For every task you complete on ZoomBucks you earn points. You can earn between 20 up to 1500+ points by completing offers, watching videos, or doing surveys.

One dollar is equal to 1,000 points. When you reach 3,000 or $3 you can cash in your money.

ZoomBucks also offers an affiliate program where you can earn 250 points for each referral.

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Ways To Make Money with ZoomBucks

ways to make money with Zoombucks


Completing surveys is one of the highest-paying jobs on ZoomBucks. You can earn up to 1,000 points by completing surveys. The downside is that you will need to trade time for money because the higher the payout for a survey is, the longer it will take.

So you need to be willing to trade time for money.

You also need to consider that even though ZoomBucks is available worldwide people that are not from the US, UK or Canada have almost zero opportunities to complete surveys as they mostly want consumer data from Tier 1 countries.

If you don’t qualify for many surveys or offers you will not earn money.

Besides ZoomBucks is not a reliable source of income as there is no guarantee that you will get surveys every day.


Another way to make money with ZoomBucks is by offers. Inside the site, you will see offers with different points for each task. You can expect to complete quizzes or playing games.

Once again you will need to spend a lot of time completing these quizzes as they have 40 questions and you need to answer all of them to receive points. So you will need at least 40 minutes to complete the quiz.

They can also ask you to create an account on a new site and interact on several sites to get paid.

Watching Videos

You can also get paid by watching videos. To earn 10 to 20 points you need to watch 5 to 10 minutes long videos.

Affiliate Program

ZoomBucks has an affiliate program that pays you when you invite other people to join the site. You can earn a bit extra but you need to notice that ZoomBuck will pay you depending on the country the person you refer to lives in.



Tier-1 countries


Tier-2 countries


Tier-3 countries


As you can see the payments for referrals are very low.

For referrals from the US, Canada, and United Kingdom you get 250 points which are the highest you can earn. This is the equivalent of twenty-five cents.

For tier-3 countries, you will only earn $0.025. And you will get the payment until your referral has earned 1,000 points. Not a good way to earn on ZoomBucks.

It’s true we can earn small money using Zoombucks but for me I’m not trading my time like this , Instead I’ve started my Own Business using the best platform in the world that helped over 1 million people to realize their dream.

How To Join ZoomBucks

How to join Zoombucks

To join ZoomBucks you need to be at least 13 years old. All you have to do is go to the ZoomBucks website, fill out your personal information, and verify your account through your email. You also have the option to join using your Facebook account.

You have to remember that even though anyone around the world can join the site for free if you are from a third world country this might not be the best option for you as you will not be able to earn money.

As we mentioned before, the number of surveys, offers, and tasks highly depends on which country you live, so if you don’t live in Tier-1 countries, you will not be able to work and make money with ZoomBucks.

Bottom Line.

While it is true that ZoomBucks is not a scam the earnings you will receive will not compensate the time you spend completing the tasks.

ZoomBucks is better for people who are living in the US, UK, and Canada because they will get more surveys, offers, and tasks to earn money.

Do  we recommend ZoomBucks?

No. ZoomBucks is not a good option to make money online as you will be trading your time to earn pennies.

Of course, if you don’t mind this, you can give ZoomBucks a try as it is a legit site to make money online.

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Qualité Général





  • Free Access
  • Easy to use
  • Different ways to earn money.


  • Need to trade time for money
  • You have to be in UK or USA Or Canada to earn money
  • You have to be qualified for many surveys in order to earn money


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