Ways to Make Money Online for FREE – 14 Best Websites to do It.

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Ways to Make Money Online For Free.

Earning money on the internet is not always easy especially if you are a beginner, that’s why in this article I will present 14 reliable sites to make money for free.

There is something for everyone (surveys, cashback, paid emails, jobbing site …).

I advise you to test several sites, the best being to test the first 2 or 3 of each category.

I usually show you all kinds of good plans of sites and applications to earn money but I have not yet made an article or I gather the best sites to earn money on the net for free a bit like a ranking.

I advise you to read it because you will certainly discover new concepts and especially you will be able to start earning money from any place through your phone!

That’s the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Today I will help you out to understand, through my Article.

I am talking to you about paid surveys first because it is one of the most well-known concepts, one of the most remunerative and which has proven itself but also because it is accessible to everyone, young and old, no knowledge is required.

You simply have to answer a series of questions relating to your consumption habits, your level of study, your areas of interest, etc. You are paid according to the length of the questionnaires.

Most paid survey sites offer surveys that pay between $ 1 and $ 5 and which last 5 to 20 minutes.

Whether for any site, remember to fill in your profile as well as your interests because otherwise, you risk receiving few or no surveys. Depending on your profile, some sites will send you more surveys than others, so try them out because each person is unique.

The best advice I can give you to optimize your earnings is to test several survey sites and keep the ones that suit you best based on the compensation, the number of surveys you receive and the time you want to devote to them.

I will not go into too much detail for each site otherwise the article would be too long and would not be pleasant to read.

My Survey

My survey are the leaders of the paid survey, in 1 and they have reversed more than 29 million dollars to their members and they are present in more than 30 countries!

Surveys are fairly well paid, from 1 $ to 5 $ per survey, there are sometimes exceptional surveys that can bring in up to 12 $!

My survey also suggests downloading extension software to your Internet browser to obtain information on the sites you visit. Of course, you will gain points in exchanges but they will know your browsing habits.

There is an app for iPhone and Android that makes it easy to access My Survey from your smartphone/tablet.


My servey

There is a sponsorship system that allows you to earn 100 points per referral, the equivalent of 0.83$. From 10 $ accumulated on your account, you can exchange for money (Paypal transfer) or for gift vouchers.

Themes of the surveys: Automobile, consumer habit, loyalty program, lifestyle, etc …
Use this link for registrations on My survey from France
Use this link to register for My survey from Belgium


Greenpanthera is a paid survey site, it also has a Cashback function which allows you to recover part of your money during your online purchases.

The surveys are numerous and fairly well paid, some manage to earn 30$ to 50$ per month.

You can register for free and they also offer you $ 5 when you register. Very practical for quickly reaching the payment threshold.

You can withdraw your money from $ 30 accumulated on your account. Payments are made via Paypal or by bank check.

Survey themes: All types of surveys, various themes.


Global Test Market

Global Test Market has changed to LifePoints panel.

Lifepoints survey

Global Test Market was founded in 1999 and is a benchmark in terms of paid online surveys. It is one of the suppliers and world leaders in market research that manages the site, the company is called Lightspeed GMI.

Surveys allow you to earn points that you exchange for money, a completed survey earns between 0.70 $ and 3.50 $, it depends on your profile, the length of the survey …

As with most paid survey sites you answer a few quick

Global Test Market

Earning money doing surveys  is real, but are you really willing to wast all this time to earn small amounts? Let me show you my best way not only to earn money online but also how to build a Business Online.

2- Subscription sites and Paid Emails.

Paid registrations and emails allow you to earn free money only by registering on partner sites or by reading emails.

The earnings are not very high compared to paid surveys but it takes less time and it requires less consultation.

I grouped the paid registrations as well as the paid emails within the same category because most of the sites offer the 2 solutions to earn money.

Regarding to paid e-mails, remuneration goes from 0.01$ and 0.04$ only to open an e-mail, knowing that by combining several sites one easily receives 30 to 40 per day and that it is very fast Once we get used to it, I find that the ratio between the time invested and the money earned is quite correct.
For paid registrations, the remuneration ranges from 0.10$ to 5/6$ or more. A word of advice, as soon as the remuneration exceeds 1 $ do not pay attention to it, you will certainly waste your time because 9 times out of 10 it will be to register for something that pays. Most of the registrations are registrations for sites, newsletters or even contests (by the way you can always win).

I recommend that you create an e-mail address especially for this type of site because you will receive a lot of advertisements because of your subscriptions to partner sites. So not to “rot” your mailbox do not neglect my advice.

For active members, you can expect to earn between 40 $ and 50 $ per month or more! What I mean by “fairly active” are people who do the missions proposed every day or who wait to accumulate full to carry them out on the chain (we lose less time like that and we can even listen to a little music at the same time). More clearly people who realize almost all the offers proposed.

For members who only make a few registrations here and there and who read a few emails from time to time, you can win a small ticket each month using several sites, if you are smart and you only make offers that bring in the most you can hope to earn  20$ per month or even 30$ if you use 5 or more sites.

Remember that with this kind of site you still have to be patient, payments are made from 10$ or 20$ depending on the site, it is not very high but it takes at least 1 to 2 weeks to reach them as active members and 1 month or more for less active members. In any case, in the long run, it pays so if you really want to make ends meet because you are budget-constrained, this should not be overlooked.



Ba-Click is a site that allows you to earn money in many ways, in particular by reading emails and registering for sites, newsletters, contests, etc. There are many offers and they are well paid!

The currency of the site is the coins, for each task performed you will earn coins that you can exchange for money.

The more your level increases (standard, gold, ultimate) the more the coin price increases (between $ 0.0041 and $ 0.0065). The more coins you convert at

once, the more the price of the coins will also increase.

Registrations to partner sites and contests generally earn between $ 0.10 and $ 0.40 per registration, paid emails to report between $ 0.02 and $ 0.10 for a single click (very profitable).

There are also more profitable offers that are reserved for gold and ultimate members as well as bonus missions.

It is thanks to sponsorship that you can become a Gold and Ultimate member, from 10 referrals you will be a Gold member and from 50 referrals you will become Ultimate members!

The payment threshold is $ 5 and you can be paid by Paypal, Skrill, Amazon, PSN, Xbox live, Jules, Zalando, Décathlon, etc …



Qassa was created in 2000 in the Netherlands and arrived in France in 2009 it was formerly called “Money Millionaire” it is a well-known site which offers to earn money but also to recover on your purchases requested on the net (CashBack).

There are more than 1,200 online stores, including the best known such as Fnac, Amazon, Sephora, eBay, 3Suisses, LaRedoute, Yvesoquer, hotels.com, Conforama, Darty, Groupon, etc …

They also offer several ways to earn money (emails, paid registrations, promo codes, Bingo, ranked mini-games).

They have already received more than 16 million from their members, they are active in ten countries and have a workforce of around fifty people.

Qassa sponsorship system saves you 200,000 coins (site currency), the equivalent of $ 2 per validated referral. For your referral to be validated, a purchase must be made on a commercial site.

Payments are made from $ 10, the equivalent of 1,000,000 Qoins accumulated on your account. You will be paid by bank transfer.

Earning money Answering emails,  is it worth!,  are you really willing to wast all this time to earn small amounts? Let me show you my best way not only to earn money online but also how to build a Business Online.. 

3- Cashback Sites to Buy Cheaper.

Cashback allows you to recover money from your online purchases, it’s simple, it works on thousands of merchant sites. If you happen to order on the net this tip will please you!

The word Cashback means “cash back” and unlike promo codes, Cashback is not applied immediately upon payment. You will receive a refund of part of your purchases (4 to 10% in general) a few days or weeks after. Some sites sometimes offer Cashback rates of up to 50%!

On most Cashback sites you will find thousands of online stores, including the most well-known merchant sites: Apple, Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscount, rue du commerce, Conforama, Darty, Boulanger, Groupon, 3 Swiss, La Redoute, Zalando , Sephora, AccorHotels.com, booking.com, etc …

Whether you plan to buy small odds and ends, high tech products, an iPhone, clothes or plan your future trip, you can save money with Cashback.

You will find Cashback for almost everything you buy, that is to say: Travel & rentals, high tech, household appliances, fashion, beauty, health, home & garden, food, sport, leisure, gifts, auto, motorcycle, etc … It would be a shame not to take advantage of it knowing that nowadays almost everyone has already made purchases on the internet.

The reimbursement rates are sometimes different from one site to another, it is up to you to find the site that suits you best depending on the type of products you want to buy.



Igraal was created in 2006, it is the most renowned Cashback site, there are more than 200,000 purchases made each month from 2,500 merchant sites.

Thanks to Igraal you save money with Cashback, promo codes, price comparison, but you can also earn money by giving your opinion on a product you have purchased ($ 0.20 per review).

Cashback rates depend on the different merchant sites but are approximately between 3 and 12% of the number of your purchases.

They offer to install a toolbar on your internet browser to alert you when you are on a merchant site where there are Cashback offers. In addition to that, they pay you 1 € to install this fairly practical extension.

There are also apps for iPhone and Android with which you can shop from anywhere using your smartphone.

When you register they will offer you € 10 as a welcome gift instead of € 3 through my referral link if you install the toolbar it already makes you € 11.

You can earn more money by making the people around you discover the concept, sponsorship brings in € 3 per validated referral (who has made at least 1 purchase) + the equivalent of 10% of their Cashback earnings for life.

The payment threshold is € 20, they offer several payment methods such as bank transfers, Paypal or withdrawal in the form of Amazon gift vouchers.



Poulpeo is an American Cashback site, they are the main competitors of iGraal! The site was created in 2009 in order to compete with iGraal on the French market.

They have more than 1,800 partner merchants, more than 300,000 active members and they donate more than € 100,000 each month to their users.

You can register to compare the cashback rates with other sites, in any case, registration is free and in addition, they offer you € 3 as a welcome gift!

There is a Poulpeo extension for your internet browser which will allow you to not miss any good deal and to be notified when you surf on a partner site. They also have an application for iPhone and Android.

Sponsorship allows you to earn 10% of the Cashback earnings of your referrals for life! So don’t hesitate to talk about it around you.

The payment threshold is € 10, and you can withdraw your money by bank transfer. You will receive your money in the middle or at the end of the month.



Fabuleos is also a Cashback site which was created about fifteen years ago, they have accumulated more than 1200 partner merchants.

Their but is to stand out from other Cashback sites by offering to donate up to 100% of the commission they receive via an affiliate.

There is also a widget that you can install on your computer that warns us in the same way as the toolbars found on a merchant site that offers Cashback.

Sponsorship on Fabuleos brings in € 5 per active referral, the referral receives € 3 as a welcome gift, everyone wins.

Payments are possible from 20 € accumulated and they are made by bank transfer (between 5 and 10 days).

Doing Cashback can help us really saving money, but can we really get rich through that! Let me show you my best way not only to earn money online but also how to build a Business Online.s. 

4- Freelancing Sites.

Jobbing sites allow you to earn money by selling your services, on the one hand, there are buyers who benefit from inexpensive services and on the other hand jobbers who earn additional income by performing tasks that they chose to do.

You can offer all types of services, they are classified according to different categories, here are some to give you an overview of the diversity of offers: writing, marketing, audio, video, IT, programming, unusual, DIY, service to person, course & training, etc …

The sites charge a small commission on the services sold through their sites. It will rarely exceed 20%.

This kind of site can be very profitable if you are gifted in a particular field (audio, video, graphics, copywriting, translation, etc …), you can chain orders quickly and if your customers are satisfied they will certainly come back to you.


Fiverr is the best-known site internationally, you can sell its services there for $ 5 (you can choose your currency to display prices in euros). Sometimes there are additional options that increase the price of the service.

You will find there and will be able to sell all kinds of services, Fiverr takes a $ 1


commission on each service, yes they are the ones who put you in touch with your buyers.

By registering with my referral link you will have a free Gig worth $ 5 (one Gig is a micro-service), which means that you can place your first order for free!

Sponsorship allows the sponsor to earn $ 5 when his godson has spent $ 10 on the site, talk about it around you. Payments are made via Paypal.


Peopleperhour offers all-around freelancers and outsourcing marketplace with a wide range of categories like Web Design, Video, Audio, Web Development, Sales & Marketing, Support, Writing, Translation, Social media, Software Development, Mobile Development.

PPH has also adopted the Fiverr concept. Freelancers can list what they offer for an hour. Clients can order the same. As a freelancer,  one can also add perks similar to gigs on Fiverr.


If I remember correctly, Freelancer was started as GetAFreelancer and was more commonly known as GAF. They acquired many freelancing sites known to me — sites like ScriptLance, vWorker (Previously RentACoder), to name a few.

It is quite a big marketplace — possibly second best to Upwork. Upwork quotes as having 4+ Million clients on their home page and Freelancer quotes as Millions of small businesses use them.

PPH has also adopted the Fiverr concept. Freelancers can list what they offer for an hour. Clients can order the same. As a freelancer,  one can also add perks similar to gigs on Fiverr.



I joined Wealthy Affiliate With 0 experience in the online Business, and within a few months, I had my 2 websites running and getting traffic and sales every day. It gave me the freedom to quit my job and focus only on running my business from anywhere and any place in the world. So, come join us, and I will show you how to make money.

5- Sites to sell photos, videos, and illustrations.

You take pretty pictures but it doesn’t bring you anything? There are sites on which everyone can post their photos or illustrations to sell them, you just need to create an account in a few minutes and then post your most beautiful images.

You can sell photos you have already taken or taken them according to current trends (summer, spring, winter …) or target a particular category.

The income per download varies from one site to another and also depends on the type of content, the size of the image, etc … Let’s say that a download brings in $ 0.50, with 1000 downloads that do it anyway 500 $ is not anything!

It is sure that to have 1000 downloads you must have beautiful images but above all, you must have a package! In any case, you have to persevere and love to take photos or create images (illustrations, vector images) so that you will learn lots of interesting things in addition.



Fotolia was created in 2004 and was bought in 2015 by Adobe, the site is full of royalty-free images, more than 57 million currently.

You can buy or sell photos, videos, illustrations, or vector images.

The currency of the site is credit, the price of credit varies between 1.40 $ and 0.74 $ depending on the quantity purchased.

What is interesting is that the more you sell photos, the more you increase your ranking and the more your commissions made!

The referral system allows you to reach 15% displayed affiliate purchases a file, 20 credits from purchases a daily subscription and 5 to 10 credits from purchases a monthly pack.

You can convert your credits into money when you reach 50 credits, you can be paid by bank transfer, Paypal or Moneybookers.



Shuttershock was created in 2003, there are more than 88 million royalty-free images available on the site and tens of thousands are added every week!

It is possible to sell images (photos, illustrations, vector images), videos and music of which you have all the rights (which you have created yourself).

You will earn a minimum of 0.25 $ per download if your buyers have a monthly subscription. For on-demand images, it starts at 0.81 $ up to 2.85 $ per download. The more money you earn, the more the income per download will increase.

Regarding sponsorship, if you sponsor a contributor you will receive $ 0.04 each time one of his images is downloaded (for 2 years) and 10% of the sale price of his video clips (for 1 year). If you sponsor a person who purchases images on Shutteshock you will receive 20% of their first payment (limited to 300$).

You can be paid either by bank transfer or via the Paypal account associated with your Shuttershock accoun

This is some other Legit Websites to MMO

You want to really make money online , Try my 1 Recommondation!


First of all, I want to ask you guys a question, what are you looking for? Are you looking for earning money as soon as possible whether it is the nature of your project and without any objectives and passions…

If you are that kind of person, let me tell you! You’ve chosen the longest way to succeed!

For me, the first thing you have to choose is your GOAL, through your passions, and go from there to achieve a long term business that can generate for you real money and let you live happy from your passions.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reason is simple…

  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one MLM company
  • It’s Free to get started

And this is how I’m making money from what really I love, and I got helped from the best platform in the world Wealthy Affiliate.

So  what is Wealthy Affiliate and Why this Website?

It is an online marketing educational platform that trains you how to make money online with trainings to build a website related to something you’re passionate about and make money doing so.. It is not a scam and it is an amazing tool to help you earn money while you’re anywhere in the world.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is an All-in-One platform and community to help anyone learn & earn from affiliate marketing. It has all the necessary (1) training (2) tools (3) resources (4) support for people to build their online business from scratch.

Here are some examples of real successful people from my best platform.

A 23-year old student from my #1 recommended training platform was able to earn $40K in 4 hours!!

Through my own hard work, I went from a broke Fastfood worker to living my dream laptop lifestyle in less than a year’s time…

My Best Platform

14 Ideas to Make Money Online For FREE.

My article is coming to an end! I hope these 14 sites for making money on the internet for free will help you generate additional income.

If you already earn money on the internet you will certainly know several sites which I told you about, on the other hand, if you are a beginner you may be a little lost, in this case, do not hesitate to ask me your questions in the comments, tell me what is blocking you, etc …

It’s never too late to get started! It is true that at the beginning we are a little skeptical, but that is before winning our first Dollars or gifts. Then it becomes mechanical and it makes you want even more!

By combining the first 2 sites in each category you can easily earn more than 100 per month! This is approximate, you may earn 100 / month only by answering surveys, selling photos or through jobbing sites for example.

But If you want, really make a real Online Business, the best and the most popular Website is the one I reserved for you at the end of this article is Wealthy Affiliate.

I spent a lot of time writing this article, it would make me very happy if you share it with your entourage (friends, family) whether by Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or others … For that, you can use the sharing buttons located everywhere on my blog.

P.S. This program that has enabled me to generate a  Monthly Passive Income after just 6 month of starting is FREE to get started and only cost $49/month fee to go full-time!



  1. In this day and time, there are so many ways to make money online which is really good. These business models that you are recommending have proven to work which I think is a great investment.

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best Platforms to learn How to make money not only in theory but also they are providing a system that allows you to learn by action, you’re in the same time learning and building your business from scratch. This is why I always suggest people who wants to start in the world of Online Business to start through Wealthy Affiliate it’s 100% Legit.
      I hope everyone can get the chance to come across this business model as I did.

    • First of all, thank you for your comment, yes all these Online Businesses are real and people are making money from them every day. I hope it helps you out.
      Thank you again,

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