Panda Planner Review – Is It Worth It?

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Panda Planner Review - is it worth it

Welcome to my Complete Panda Planner Rveiew.

According to Social Indicators Research, today more than thirty-five percent of people always feel rushed. And it is no surprise why.

There are a great number of opportunities to take, places to go, and things to do, that it is hard to keep our lives in order easily.

But what is even harder is to find the right tools to manage our time. Many of us still prefer old-school offline task lists. But ultimately it all depends on your objectives, working style, daily activities, and personal preferences.

Even though there is a great popularity of digital calendars and mobile apps, many of us choose to keep using the traditional paper planners, such as Panda Planner, and for good reason. If you want to get a little order in your life you know well the advantages of a paper planner.

Many people prefer to use paper planners because it is easy for them to remember their appointments, reminders, and their to-do list because of the physical act of writing down.

Studies have shown that the process of writing helps you prioritize things better and organize them more efficiently and conveniently, both in mind and on paper.

If you are looking for a system that works best for you and you value the possibility to personalize things, Panda Planner is a great tool.

Panda Planner is a paper organization system to help you get your life and goals on track.


Today I will help you out to understand why, through my review.

What is Panda Planner?

Panda Planner is an undated daily planner that will help you improve your day and set daily goals that will encourage you to achieve the bigger ones.

The amazing thing about Panda Planner is that it is designed by a team of scientists that study intensively the science behind personal behaviors to help you increase productivity and offer happiness to their customers.

A great feature is that the whole planner doesn’t have any dates so you can adapt it to your preferences.

Who is Panda Planner For?

This planner was created to help people suffering from depression, and anxiety as well as all the people into self-development and effective growth while achieving their goals.

What Comes With The Panda Planner?

The Panda Planner Pro measure in at 8.5 by 11 and is divided into three sections. Each section has a ribbon bookmark to make it easy to flip between them.

The Classic version measure in at 5.25 by 8.25 and it has 1 day per two-page-spread.

  • The monthly section: The front pages have large squares to fill in dates and activities. You will also find space to make notes, write down your goals, and review the month after it is finished.
  • The weekly section: Here you can review last week, writing down what went well and what you can improve. Then you can fill out a personal goal and what you are looking forward to. It has four large boxes for four different projects and goals.
  • The daily section: These have space to write:
    • A daily habit
    • What you are grateful for
    • What you are excited about
    • A positive affirmation
    • Your daily goal
    • Your exercise plan
    • Your priorities
    • Your tasks in 10 checkboxes
    • Your schedule from 6 am to 9 pm
    • Notes
    • Personal reflection with all your victories and things that you can improve.

On the Panda Planner Pro, it is also included five blank pages for notes and a folder pocket to store little papers, notes and travel documents. 

Also when you buy Panda Planner you have access to 10X Productivity videos and six free ebooks. All you have to do is enter your email on the site after you buy it.

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Price of Panda Planner.


It comes in  two versions Classic and Pro and there are little differences between both of them. The most notorious is the sections placement and the space to write your tasks and reports.

Panda Planner Classic is divided into two pages while the Pro version provides all sections on one page.

In simple words, Panda Planner Classic is a good option for beginners to learn how to use it. When you are more familiar with it, you can always opt-in for the Pro version which allows more days (3 months Classic & 6 months Pro) as well as writing diversity.

The truth is that there are no big differences between both of them except for the price.


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Benefits of Panda Planner.

1. Analyze each day, week and month

With Panda Planner you have the option to analyze each day, week and month helping you improve and get a better sense of accomplishment for your work. 

2. You can practice gratitude

Every time you practice gratitude you are increasing happiness and reducing depression. Panda Planner allows you to write three things you are grateful for every day.

3. Write down your goals

Panda Planner allows you to write down your goals to help you achieve them faster. Plus it helps you manage your time more effectively to have a good and healthy balance in your life.

Knowing what to do can help you manage your anxious feelings and to be present in the moment instead of wasting time and energy thinking about what you should be doing.

4. Organizing projects

One of the main features of Panda Planner is that it allows you to break projects down into small tasks. Having the space to write down each step make it easier to focus on what you have to do daily to finish on time.

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Cons of Panda Planner.

  • It might not be for everybody, especially those who are electronic users.
  • You need to have determination and consistency to develop a habit of using the Panda Planner.
  • Few color options
  • You have to wait 2-5 days to receive the planner

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Bottom Line.

With the help of Panda Planner, you have the opportunity to get more done in a limited period. If you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted with your daily activities and you can’t find a way to accomplish your goals Panda Planner is the real deal.

Do we recommend Panda Planner?

Yes, we do!

 Panda Planner is an amazing tool that lets you focus on your goals while remembering all your blessings and learning from your mistakes.

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