Nu Skin Reviews – Read my Honest Opinion to Know if it’s a Scam.

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Nu Skin Reviews - Read My Honest Opinion to know if it's a Scam.

Nu Skin, you have heard of it, some say a lot of it and can no longer do without it, others give negative opinions and speak outright of “sect” (yes-yes)… In short, you no longer know who to believe and you hesitate to order their products? I understand there is a lot of Nu Skin Reviews out there.

Like many of you, I am quite skeptical when I am told of cosmetic brands operating on “network marketing” (which you will therefore not find anywhere in stores *)…

But there are also big scams in this environment … and you can be sure that I am always very careful when I am contacted for this type of product! So, if I’m talking about Nu Skin today, it’s that the brand has passed my credibility/effectiveness test successfully. 😄

That’s the way to avoid scams and find the legitimate way to make money online!

Today I will help you out to understand, through my review.

What is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin Product Line.

NuCerity is a skincare & wellness Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.

I know, this is not the funniest to read, but you must have an idea of ​​where you want to set foot. The company was founded by 3 people who are Blake Roney, Steve Lund, and Sandie Tillotson.

What was the company founded for? To begin with, the company is positioning itself in the well-being sector, which as we know is a very buoyant market at present. To stand out from their many competitors, the 3 founders decided to design products that respond to a very strict policy:

“Everything that is good, nothing bad”. Basically, they want their products to contain no harmful ingredients. They, therefore, specialize in cosmetic products in order to reduce people’s old age.”

The company was founded in 1984 in Utah and has continued to expand around the world. As I said before, the company has placed itself in the area of ​​wellness and health. You should know that this market is more and more competitive.

If you notice around you, we are bombarded with advertising to lose weight, remove wrinkles, have beautiful hair, beautiful nails and so on. Nuskin still managed to penetrate this market and surpass the symbolic bar of 5 years. Why the 5 years? Because 90% of companies close their doors during this period.

Nu Skin Product Line.

Nu Skin Products Line.

Now let’s see what their products are and what makes them so famous. Nuskin is based on cosmetic products, these are its flagship products. They have a range called ageLOC which would significantly reduce aging of the skin. The company has nearly 200 products and they have diversified into nutritional products as well.

As I said a little before, their ageLOC system would reduce skin aging, with a daily cleanser, sunscreen to reduce exposure to ultraviolet rays which promotes aging, a “future serum” and a night facial treatment.

These products are supposed to work in synergy to improve the quality of your skin and make you look much younger.

They have a product called the “Future serum” which seems to be a clinically tested anti-aging skin solution and ultra-effective to apply at night.

Here are some products of Nuskin:

Like any company, Nuskin has flagship products. There are 3 of these products:

– Whitening toothpaste
– a lipstick
– a self-tanner
These products are the company’s “bestsellers”. The advantage of its products is that most people (especially women) use these products on a daily basis. The major advantage is that the products are consumable products which must be renewed every month.


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Are Nu Skin products Worth it?

Like most MLM companies I think they have great products. As you can see on the Amazon site, customer reviews are pretty positive.

The products get 4 stars each time and you can push your research. If the products did not work, It would no longer be there. By exchanging with one friend (leader Nuskin), what makes the strength of their products is that the results are not delayed and this clearly facilitates efficiency demonstrations for your future customers.

Finally, what I notice is that Nuskin and other companies in the same sector highlight the natural side of their product. It is true that network marketing products are much more worked products than if you buy them in supermarkets.

What I find great is that a Non-distributing and skeptical customer will apply the applicator to the components of the company’s products while he is going to consume “shit” throughout the day and is not going to ask questions. All because manufacturers have brought their products into the “NORMAL” box.

So, instead of struggling to find one to join, why not just leave them aside and try other business models like affiliate marketing?

For my part, I think that these are excellent products, which are much less harmful to health than all these products that we already have at home and which kill us slowly.

Don’t be easily influenced or convinced by someone who simply wants to recruit you so that he or she can make more money!

How To Get start with Nu Skin?

Nu Skin’s distributor sign up requires more information than the government when doing your taxes. Although, this could simply mean that Nu Skin, after 33 years, knows their stuff and simply wants to cover every possible scenario that may arise. What I mean by this is, Nu Skin requires information within the sign up such as your Social Insurance Number, Phone numbers, Addresses, and any other names that may be involved within your Distributor accounts.

The great thing about Nu Skin is that you’re not required to purchase any kind of recurring introductory packages or have any minimum purchases in order to purchase at whole sale and sell at retail for commissions. Most MLM companies require a minimum purchase in order to be eligible for sales commissions.

Another great thing about starting a career as a Nu Skin distributor is it is free to join.

Step One

After enrolling as a distributor, enjoy purchasing products at wholesale pricing.

In order to sell products, you have to build yourself a customer base. How you do this relies on how well and confident of a sales person you are. You can sell through social media platforms by contacting friends and family and showing them the benefits of the products, or by hosting selling party’s within your own home or event centers. To be truly successful I feel you need to have experience marketing online to reach the masses when you run out of family and friends.

You can earn up to 25% on customer purchases, which is a decent amount of commissions.

Step Two

Share your success.

Encourage your happy customers, friends, family, and acquaintances to join as distributors within your team. There is no personal purchase requirements to be a distributor, just the annual fee. It is extremely easy to join and earn up to 25% off of sales commissions. This is where you would begin to build your team.

In order to start earning commissions off of your first level team of distributors, you must have a total monthly purchase of $200. At that point you can earn up to 5% on your teams sales. As your team grows this becomes great, as you won’t have to focus as much on your sales, as you should focus on growing and support your team sales.

Step Three

Build your team/customers.

Continue to build your monthly sales and team sales to move up in rankings. You move from distributor to Executive, and once you’ve reached the third level of Executive, you’ll be eligible for Executive bonuses. In order to receive Executive bonuses, you should be maintaining $2000 as a group sales volume within your team. This will make you eligible to receive up to 15% on your entire down line. For most MLM companies, this is huge! Although, it is an uphill battle getting to that spot.

Step Four

Continue to build and maintain your teams success.

Maintain $3000 + within your total Group Volume Sales to maximize your earnings. As your team grows, so does your title as an Executive. You go through Gold, Lapis, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Blue Diamond.

Success Trips

Between the Ruby and Blue Diamond levels, you are eligible to win a free trip! Within these levels you’ll accumulate success points that will decide yearly whether you qualify or not depending on the amount of group sales you have.





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How to Make Money with Nu Skin?

If you are looking to join this opportunity to supplement your income, it is important to understand how you have the power to earn money. Each MLM company has a detailed compensation plan, which is provided by the company. You must study it if you want to be able to take full advantage of it.

The mistake I made at the start was that I was not interested in detail in the compensation plan. I didn’t set short, medium and long term financial goals. Because of this, I was unsure how much team volume I should make, or how many personal sales. What I can tell you is that this is a serious mistake.

Do not be vague, set your financial goals. If you don’t, you won’t understand why your pay isn’t going up.

Now that the mass is said, let’s see what we offer the Nuskin company in its compensation plan.

The New Plan.

The company Nuskin has completely upset the codes of network marketing by launching into a compensation plan that multiplies by 4 your earnings. Nu skin France has not yet made this compensation plan available, but its release is scheduled for early 2019. In the meantime, our Canadian friends are benefiting from this launch. This new compensation program is called Velocity. But how does it work?

The goal of this compensation plan is to earn more and faster with bonus sharing. This change was made at the request of distributors. Nuskin is listening to their problem and working to correct it. I think it’s a very good point to give your distributors a say.

Discover the purpose of this new compensation plan in this short video.

Here are the advantages that we can discover:

#1 Income can be multiplied by 4

#2 no more mandatory orders for distributors every month

#3 a free license (which was already before)

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Nu Skin Bad Side Revealed!

1. Pyramid Scheme in Disguise

In most cases, making a decent income with network marketing is not about selling products to people, it’s about building a team who also builds a team and a team and a team…

NuCerity is certainly no different.

Just take a look at this video where Nu Skin explains their “New First success Trip Duplication System”:

Let’s face it…

You really can’t get rich by selling retail products in any MLM business. NONE!

Because majority of the bonuses and commissions are paid based on the team you built.

However, just like many other MLM companies, Nu Skin has its own solid product line so it’s definitely NOT a pyramid scheme.

In fact, they are just using their skincare products as a way to avoid being recognized as a pyramid scheme.

Once again, I’m NOT saying Nu Skin is a scam or a pyramid scheme. NuCerity is a legit MLM business BUT recruiting is their main focus.

If you don’t like to recruit your friends and family or you suck at it, it’ll be a really tough journey should you decide to join Nu Skin to make money.

2. Accused of Deception.

Nuskin is a network marketing company and like many companies in this field, it has been repeatedly accused of being a pyramid scheme. She had some concerns with the law in the 1990s, which accused her of embellishing the commissions paid to their distributors and had to pay several million dollars for misleading advertisements.

Today she has some concerns with China, which accuses it of having sold a product efficiency far superior to what they actually do (false advertising). They are therefore fined 500,000 thousand dollars for this deception.

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My opinion on the charges against Nuskin.

I think all of these accusations are unfounded. The company is in my place well and moreover, it pays its distributors. Many network marketing companies are doomed but we know that anything that works and is successful is frowned upon.

Nuskin is being talked about because her growth is booming and she is disturbing. So I think the criticisms and accusations made against her are positive points to take into account.

First of all, I want to ask you guys a question, what are you looking for? Are you looking for earning money as soon as possible whether it is the nature of your project and without any objectives and passions…

If you are that kind of person, let me tell you! You’ve chosen the longest way to succeed!

For me, the first thing you have to choose is your GOAL, through your passions, and go from there to achieve a long term business that can generate for your real money and let you live happy from your passions.

Instead, Affiliate Marketing is my top recommended business model for anyone to make money online.

The reason is simple…

  • You don’t have to recruit anyone to make money
  • You have the freedom to promote any products you want and not being restricted to only promote the products from one MLM company
  • It’s Free to get started

And this is how I’m making money from what really I love, and I got helped from the best platform in the world Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are some examples of real successful people from my best platform.

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Nu Skin








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