Is Microcap Millionaires a Scam – Is It the Best Penny Stock Trading Strategy?

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Is Microcap Millionaires a Scam – Is It the Best Penny Stock Trading Strategy?


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 Penny stocks are very popular for investors as they can be lucrative thanks to the volatility of the market and low price. Besides, you don’t need a lot of money to start with. Many experienced traders are making huge returns in a short period.

Sadly, penny stocks are also attractive to many scam artists because it is easy to fall for this type of investment.

It is important to understand that if you want to start trading penny stocks successfully you need to find the right program. One of the most popular investment services created by Matt Morris is Microcap Millionaires.

Microcap Millionaires claims to give you advice on how to trade and invest in penny stocks. But, is it worth it? Keep reading, to discover the truth about this popular investment service.

Microcap Millionaires Summary

Product Name: Microcap Millionaires.

Product Type: Penny Stocks

Price:  $97

Rating: 75/100

Is It Scam? No

What is Microcap Millionaires?

Microcap Millionaires is an investment service that will help you pick out the best penny stocks.

Matt Morris started doing this since 2008. He has more than 10 years of expertise in stock behavior and exchange.

Once you subscribe to his service you will receive a set of recommendations from the author that are based on profitable trading patterns.

You will know if you should:

  • Go long (buy)
  • Sell short
  • Sell
  • Stand aside

When you are a trader is all the information you need.

You will learn how to analyze the market and how to make profits. The author also shows you how to recognize profitable markets, where to find price fluctuations and how to create a trading plan.

One of the main features of Microcap Millionaires is that you will be able to make predictions on your own.

How Microcap Millionaires Works?

Microcap Millionaires works through online newsletter format, where Microcap subscribers get alerts on the top penny stocks to buy and sell every week.

You need to know that the top picks are chosen using Matt’s extensive trading experience in penny stocks so you can be sure you get the best returns in the shortest amount of time.

A great feature of Microcap Millionaires is that it could be used by traders of all levels including intermediate and experienced traders.

Of course, if you are a beginner you will benefit most as it will teach you the basics of penny stock trading.

It is important to understand that you can use the Microcap Millionaires system even if you have a small investment account, as you would be able to grow it into something much bigger.

This system is also great for those people who don’t have the time to spend hours analyzing the market because they have daily jobs to do.

This is because Matt, the creator, does all the work for you so you don’t need to stay online the whole day.

Top Features of Microcap Millionaires System.


Weekly Picks

Every member of Microcap receives weekly   via email that has the potential to help you make substantial returns. The picks include short, medium, and long-term stocks to buy or sell.

A great benefit is that it tells you when to buy or sell and at what specific price.

Technical Analysis

Each stock that is recommended, it is accompanied by technical analysis so you can understand why Matt reached that decision. Plus, if you are an experienced trader you can corroborate Matt’s analysis.

This gives you more confidence in his weekly picks. Besides, you will learn the process behind the selection of the penny stocks.

Watch List

Besides the weekly picks, you can also monitor different stocks with the potential of being profitable.

This watch list is amazing to have an idea of what to expect.

Educational Resources

You will find a wide variety of educational resources that will teach you about how to trade penny stocks. You will find informative videos about:

  • Different strategies to use
  • Money management
  • Technical analysis
  • Resistance
  • Why Matt picks the stocks he does

Besides the above features, you will also have access to the forum and to the Penny Stock Strategy Guide that will teach more about how to trade and it includes tips and advice that both beginner and experienced investors are going to find helpful.

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Is Microcap Millionaires a Scam or the Real Deal?

Is Google Opinion rewards a scam

Pay attention when a stock picker gets paid to broadcast that a stock is a good investment because most of the time it is a scam.


Because many unscrupulous sellers take advantage of the increase in price and then they disappear.

But in the case of Microcap Millionaires, it has been in the market for 10 years and many people are benefiting from Matt’s great insights every day.

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Is MicroCap Millionaires For You?

Is Microcap Millionnaires For you

Everyone has a different reason for trading but if you want to:

  • Learn how to develop your trading system
  • Connect with a group of traders from all over the world to share experiences and learn from one another
  • And, to receive alerts every week with the best penny stocks to invest in to make profits. This program is for you. 

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Pros of Microcap Millionaires System

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  • It has been around for more than 10 years
  • Ideal for traders of all levels, especially for beginners that can learn how to start trading penny stocks.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • The platform is intuitive making it beginner-friendly
  • You can start with a small investment account and make it into something bigger
  • It gives you all the information you need to know about when to buy or sell
  • Money-back guarantee

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Cons of Microcap Millionaires System

  • Alerts are only sent to you via email no SMS notification
  • You need to have access to the market to trade the penny stocks
  • Matt’s video sales pitch sounds scammy
  • You need to pay a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time, but still, it can be expensive.
  • You need to keep in mind that trading the financial markets involves high-risk and you should never invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Bottom Line.

Even though the guidance and help of Microcap Millionaires are easier to trade penny stocks you need to understand they are highly volatile and you can lose money.

But if you are a beginner and want to learn how to start trading penny stocks subscribing to Microcap Millionaires could help you improve your confidence to begin investing.

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