Dream Life Mastery Review – Reprogram your Mind to Achieve your Goals!

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Dream Life Mastery Review

Welcom to my Dream Life Mastery Review.

If you are struggling you might be looking for a personal development program to help you achieve your dream life. Even though it may be difficult the truth is that it is possible to do it.

Many successful people have discovered that the key to accomplish, attract and manifest all that you want is to program the mind(Neuro Lunguistic Programming).

Doctor Steve G Jones, a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, is the creator of Dream Life Mastery. A program that has helped other people reach their goals and make incredible changes in their lives.

Of course, you have heard these motivational speeches many times so you might be wondering if Dream Life Mastery is just another scam or not. Keep reading as we are about to reveal everything that you need to know.

Dream life Mastery Summary

Product Name: Dream Life Mastery.

Product Type: personal development

Price: 9 $ to 500 $

Rating: 90/100

Is It Scam? No

What is Dream Life Mastery?

Dream Life Mastery is a course that will teach you how to reprogram your mind to accomplish your goals.

After you finish the course you will be able to understand and comprehend the brain science of self-revelation. When you take this course your brain will tell you how to make your dreams a reality.

How Does Dream Life Mastery Works?

The Dream Life Mastery course is a training system featuring Self-Hypnosis Tracks. It also includes their Wealth Path which helps you make your dreams come true and it show you how to help others to live their dream life.

It has 8 modules to develop and train your mind. The program is divided into 8 specific areas that require work. Let’s take a quick look:

1- Building A Life Of True Happiness. Here you will learn where does true happiness comes from and how to naturally create more.

2- Success Conditioning. It teaches you how to achieve long-term success by cultivating better habits.

3- How To Achieve Exceptional Wealth. You will learn how to think and take action just like a millionaire to start earning like one.

4- Unlocking The Hidden Power Of Your Mind. In this module, you will learn how to organize and optimize your mindset and thought patterns.

5- How To Boost Your Energy, Health & Vitality. For living your dream life you need to learn how to build a solid nutritional foundation and adopt healthier habits. You will learn the best foods to eat for boosting immunity and increasing your energy levels.
6- 4 Different Wealth Pathways of Millionaires Revealed. They will teach you how to make money from:

 a-Real Estate

 b- Stock Investment

c- Affiliate Marketing

d- Selling Physical Products

e- Freelancing

f- Side Income ideas

7- How To Have A Great And Successful Love Life. You will learn the core principles that great relationships are made of. Plus, you will also discover how to keep the passion flames alive over the years.

8- The 60-Day Challenge: Setting Yourself Up For Long Term Life Success. Here you will keep your momentum going as you will need to adopt one simple habit every day. Because you will keep making changes your dream life will become a reality.

What Is Included In The Dream Life Mastery Package?


Many things are included in the Dream Life Mastery Package such as:

  • The Master Blueprint
  • Self Hypnosis Tracks
  • Wealth Pathways of Millionaires
  • The Million Dollar Wealth Vault
  • Certification (Completion & Excellence)
  • 60-Day Challenge
  • Private Community
  • Expert Coaching

Who Is Behind Dream Life Mastery?

Dream Life Mastery was developed by Doctor Steve G Jones a clinical subliminal specialist who is been practicing hypnotherapy since the mid-1980s at the University of Florida.

Currently, he lives in Savannah, Georgia where he sees customers for a wide range of conditions including:

  • Weight reduction
  • Nervousness
  • Fears
  • Stop smoking

Doctor Jones has been highlighted in several TV projects and magazines including Forbes, The Huffington Post, and People.

Mark Ling, is the partner of Doctor Steve G Jones. He is a self-made millionaire and a successful digital entrepreneur. He is in charged to host and develop several modules, blueprints, software applications, and training systems.

He has helped thousands of students achieve a happy and successful life. Mark has received several business awards including Deloitte Fast 50, Air New Zealand Cargo Canterbury Export Award, etc.


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It is Dream Life Mastery A Scam?

Is Google Opinion rewards a scam

No, it is not a scam as it can help turn your life into a positive direction, but you need to take action and implement the things you learn into your daily routine.

If you don’t want to make changes do not buy this program as it is an expensive program that will only function if you are willing to work hard. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Dream Life Mastery

● Expensive

● Hard work to achieve results. Keep in mind that you will not see any positive changes only by watching the video clips you need to take action.

Pros of Dream Life Mastery

● 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
● This program will help you reprogram your mind to live your dream life
● It will show you how to think and act like a millionaire
● It will give you money-making ideas to become financially free
● It helps you with every area of your life: money, relationship, and health.
● Expert support community access

P.S. This program that has enabled me to generate a  Monthly Passive Income after just 6 month of starting is FREE to get started and only cost $49/month fee to go full-time!

Bottom Line.

Dream Life Mastery is for every person who is willing to make serious changes in their life. It will help any person who has issues related to health, wealth, and relationship.

But keep in mind that the program will only work if you take action. If you are not ready to work hard you should not buy the program as you will not see any results.

Dream Life Mastery will optimize your mindset, thought patterns, lifestyle, eating habits, income and, happiness.

Since the program was created by Doctor Jones that has been practicing hypnosis since the 80s you know that the techniques used in this program work. 

Dream Life Mastery








Qualité Général





  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • This program will help you reprogram your mind to live your dream life
  • It will show you how to think and act like a millionaire
  • It will give you money-making ideas to become financially free
  • It helps you with every area of your life: money, relationship, and health.


  • Hard work to achieve results
  • Expensive


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