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How to Turn Your Passions into Profits.

Discover how I made a life changing using Wealthy Affiliate Strategy.

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Let me introduce to you Myself.

Hi, I’m Youness! A  Master degree Graduated and Entrepreneur dad, who quit pay-check to pay-check Job To leave from his Passion and create a Full Time Income following his own path…

youness bourhim

After getting my Master’s degree in Finance and 2 bachelor’s degree, and passing 8 years of experience working for others and also for my self in different businesses back home in Morocco. I’ve decided to make a diagnostic for myself “Where I’m and from where I came and where I’m going!”

I found that all I’ve done is 2 kids and one coming on the way, and the most important thing that I’ve done is the fact that I’ve built my own house.

Coaching life and entrepreneurship
Coaching life and entrepreneurship

I want always the best for my kids and for my family and for me. So Observing myself I found that the only thing that makes me happy rather than Soccer is Teaching people personal development and Entrepreneurship.
After getting my certification in NLP and having 4 years of experience teaching University students that and helping them get their business rolling all this for free.
I’ve decided to take this path, but before doing that the question was, I have to do that for me first. So I moved to Canada with my Family looking for making my own business from that.


I came to Canada first I’ve started working in Fastfood earning the minimum wage, just to feed my kids and family, It wasn’t easy for me I had to clean stuff wash, mop, etc…

But at the same time, I started searching “how to make money online”.
But I had no idea. I know nothing about coding, programming, designing, the only thing I had was my certification in NLP my diplomas and my experience.
Ok! You can tell me that I had everything, right! I will tell you that something was missed to accomplish my dream!!

One day I saw an Ad on YouTube sharing about the best university platform teaching you the Online Business called…

Wealthy Affiliate.

This platform is the best university teaching you how to create a long term business from scratch.


This platform allowed me to understand the world of the internet and how to make a real long term business just from home, with only following the training and being involved inside the community.

One of the best training inside Wealthy affiliate is Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing.

With Affiliate Marketing You don’t have to:

  • Own any products
  • Spend a lot of money buying the products and take care of their logistics
  • Do any face to face selling or sell any products.

I did join this platform and all that I can say is the safest and legit place to learn all this stuff to create your real business.

Anyway that’s my story so far.

And this is how I succeed in my business online passing buy the minimum wage as a Fastfood Staff, and all the difficulties to LIVE FROM MY PASSION.

My Best Platform

This is what Other Wealthy Affiliate Members Making.

How to turn Passions into Profits?

If you are wondering, affiliate marketing doesn’t just apply to Booking or the travel industry.

It can be applied to any niche/market.

Let’s say you like Football, you can create a website in the Football niche and promote Football related products. (For example, balls, equipment, etc.)

How can I find all of these products to promote?

There are MANY places where you can find products to promote.

For example, Amazon!

If we search for “Soccer”, there are surely a ton of different products.

You can promote EVERYTHING you can find on Amazon to make money. How? ‘Or’ What?

Thanks to this platform called sport “


Amazon Associate

This is a screenshot of Amazon Associates. Do you see any familiar pictures here?

These are exactly the same products that you can find on Amazon.

But the difference is that you can enter your “affiliate link” here to promote and earn commissions ????

What if Amazon doesn’t have the products I want to sell?

You can go to other platforms like:
ClickBank (Digital Products)
All these platforms offer “affiliate programs”.

This is just a very simple example and illustration of how affiliate marketing works.

Of course, if you want to earn passive full-time income online, it’s not enough to share hotel affiliate links with your friends.

You have to create a website, a website that can work for you 24/7, that you don’t even need to spend time talking and sharing with your friends.

Interested people will come to you. This is when you stop trading your time and your health for money.

But Youness, are you kidding? I don’t know anything about the site!

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about creating websites, as I am not a technician either.

To be completely honest with you, I know nothing about computer language, coding, design, even until today!

Java? CSS? C ++? Python?

These are foreign languages ​​for me ????

Let me tell you that technology has improved, the world has changed.

Building websites today is a bit like creating a Facebook account and writing and editing in a Word or Google document.

I’m serious.

Well, I have real, tangible proof that I can do this and that YOU can also accomplish this as well. Simply click on the video below to watch me walk you through the S.I.M.P.L.E. process of installing a WordPress website from scratch. I name it, choose my theme, and install…just watch and you will see!

What You'll Get To Learn Within Wealthy Affiliate Training Courses...

10 Starter Modules that will hold your hand and walk you through all the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.

LESSON 1: Getting Rolling

   Learn how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome community 


LESSON 2: Understanding How To Make Money Online

 Create and start working towards a list of new financial and non-financial goals


LESSON 3: Choose A Niche

  Choose your starting point NICHE for your business


LESSON 4: Building Your OWN Niche Website

Build your very OWN niche website


LESSON 5: Setting Up Your Website

Learn how to optimise your website using WordPress


LESSON 6: Getting Your Site Ready For Search Engines

A simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly


LESSON 7: Creating Your Initial Website Content

How to create quality website content (that gets ranked)


LESSON 8: Creating Custom Menus On Your Website

Learn how to optimise your website using WordPress


LESSON 9: Understanding Keywords, The Start Of Your Content

Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists


LESSON 10: Congratulations & Your Next Steps

Discover the next steps to successfully earning revenue online


What People Are saying About Wealthy Affiliate.

I'm very close to earning 100% of my full-time income from affiliate sales alone. I've been shooting for $5000/mo in sales and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's crazy how website growth goes after the first year. At first, I felt like I was creating content for myself and a few crickets, but now, I'm having lots of people watching and listening to the content I'm creating and it continues to increase. Domena
Whether you want to make an extra $500/month or a huge +$10,000/month, Wealthy Affiliate training and community gives you all the tools to make it happen. I am thankful for Wealthy Affiliate and all members who have helped me to build an online business. Now I can also "pay back" and help others. Gladly I gave this a try and I didn't quit even though I didn't see immediate results. I know that many people achieved to make money much faster than I did but it doesn't matter because eventually, I made it as well.

What's Included In Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

Now, in order for you to implement all these and start promoting PROVEN products online to make money,  or to strat any of all Online Businesses From scratch you’ll need Wealthy Affiliate!

Would you please let me show you why…
This is what you’ll be getting within 1 year Wealthy Affiliate Membership.
Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

I- More than 100 Training Lessons.

II- Easy Website Builder.

III- Website Domaine Market Place.

IV- Web Hosting.

V- 5. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

VI- Affiliate Program Marketplace.

VII- Weekly Live Training With Jay.

VIII- Possibility  For you To share Trainings.

IX- The best Community Ever( Over 1.7 Million Members).

X- Technical Support Team 


Your Special Offer + 4 Bonuses.

24/7 Personal Coaching and help.

With an upgraded premium account, you'll get my full 24/7 support to guide you through the process. Plus, I'll be the first one to contact you on your Affiliate Profile

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When you join as a premium member within 7 days, you'll get your first month for only $19...thats a 59% discount!

PersonalBusiness Blueprint

As an NLP certified, and Entrepreneurship teacher for more than 4 tears, you will benefit from all my support to succeed.

Niche Checklist

This checklist will help you assess and evaluate the profitability of any niche market.

what Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Are Saying

What Premium wealthy Affiliate Members saying.

"Get Mentored For FREE Now, and Affirm Your SUCCESS!"