AppKarma – A Scam To Avoid Or A Legit Way To Make Money?

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Welcome to my AppKarma App Review.

These days our lives revolve around technology and our smartphones. And the idea of making money through our smartphone sounds really good.

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for easy ways to make money online. Reading honest reviews are the perfect way to avoid the possibility of being scammed.

In simple words, appKarma is a company that pays you to try out different apps and games on your smartphone. You receive points that you can turn them to PayPal cash, and gift cards like Amazon, and iTunes.

What Is AppKarma?

appKarma is a mobile app that offers you opportunities to earn money. It is a mobile-only platform allowing you to earn anytime and anywhere.

There are four ways you can earn with appKarma.

1. Karma Play (Downloading Apps and Playing)

Once you become a member, you receive offers to download mobile games. Each option will tell you how much you will earn for completing it. To be paid you need to complete a specific condition.

The most common tasks are:

  1. Download a mobile game or app
  2. Play the game until you reach a certain level or other condition.
  3. Download the app and complete the introduction stage

You only get paid once you finish the task. In other words, you don’t get paid immediately.

When you finish doing the tasks you can claim your reward by going back to appKarma and clicking the offer again.

If you decide to keep playing the game every day you will earn additional rewards.

2. Watch Videos

To earn additional rewards you have the option to watch videos on appKarma. To do it you need to go to the video section of the app and click the offer. You have to finish watching all the videos that will play. When you finish watching the videos, you receive the reward.

Depending on how long the video is you can earn from 1 to 5 points. Keep in mind, that there are not a lot of videos to watch every day.

3. Achievement Badges

These badges can only be achieved when you remain active on the app. Every time you reach a certain milestone you receive an achievement badge.

When you unlock the badge you receive points.

4. Referral Program

If you invite people to join appKarma you receive rewards. You receive a 30% commission from your referral earnings. For instance, if they complete an offer that is 60 points you will receive 30 points.

Just keep in mind that the only way you earn rewards is if your referral is active.

How Does appKarma Paids?

When you earn points in appKarma you can reclaim it for PayPal or Gift Cards. If you want to use PayPal you need a minimum of 12,500 points equal of $10 and if you prefer gift cards you need a minimum of 6,000 points equal of $5.

A good feature of appKarma is that when you reclaim your points you get 5% of the points back to your account. This way you always have points in your wallet. Take notice that it only takes 24 hours to get your money in your PayPal account. For gift cards, you instantly receive a code.

Consider that every app and task has different points you can earn. But on average, you can expect anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 points for downloading an app and completing a certain task on the app.

Keep in mind that you can earn more if you redeem your appKarma points for gift cards than for cash via PayPal. You can receive gift cards from popular retailers such as:

  • Steam
  • iTunes
  • Amazon
  • Starbuck

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Is appKarma a Scam?

Is Google Opinion rewards a scam

The truth is that based on the above information, appKarma will not be a good source of income, especially if you are looking for consistent high earnings.

appKarma is a legit app that is own by a company called appkarma.io. They are partners with Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Starbucks, Target, Hulu, and WholeFoods.

The downside of appKarma is that you will not get pay just for downloading the app you will need to follow all the offer rules to earn points and this can take you a lot of time and effort.

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Pros of appKarma.

Pros of appkarma

● You can make money anywhere and anytime as it is a mobile-only platform
● It provides several ways to make money
● Easy tasks
● Referral Program

Cons of appKarma.

● Making money with the app is time-consuming and sometimes you will need to play for a long time to get paid
● Many of the offers require investment. For instance, there are many betting accounts offers where you need to invest to complete the task
● Low earnings. You will not receive a lot of money for spending your day playing games.
● Downloading a lot of apps can eat up the storage of your mobile device
● Referral Program. We also added the referral program in cons, even though it lets you earn more points because you only earn if your referral is active.
● Minimum payment. Due to the low-income potential, it will take you a lot of time to cash out.

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Bottom Line.

Even though it is safe to say that appKarma is not a scam as they will pay you for downloading apps and playing games it is a slow way of making money. In my opinion, it is a scam because it’s not allowing you to build a continuous income.

The truth is that you will work hard, it will stop being fun and you will get paid cents per hour. 

appKarma could be for you if you want an easy way to make a few bucks each month.

Just keep in mind that appKarma could never replace your primary income so if you are thinking about quitting your job don’t do it. If you are looking to start making money online you need to look elsewhere for other opportunities. I highly recommend you to check out Wealthy Affiliate business Model that can teach you a learning by doing Business.

Remember, this type of business model, such as appKarma, are not overnight success or Get Rich-Scheme as you will need to invest time to follow all the tasks and mostly be consistent in what you are doing.


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