Ads Pro – WordPress Advertising Plugin Review.

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Ads Pro is a popular ads manager for WordPress. It comes with many features including tracking, geo-targeting, various type of ads, and multiple ad placements. The most important feature is that this plugin allows you to sell ad space on your website.

Even though it is a solid app it has issues. For instance, it is not an intuitive plugin to use and the A/B testing system doesn’t test anything.

On the other side, Ads Pro plugin has everything you need to monetize your website as it offers you the opportunity to sell ads, unfortunately, the A/B issue might disappoint you but the efficient selling interface is good.

About Ads Pro

Thomas Maier created this plugin. He is the CEO of Webgilde and WordPress developer. The company was founded in 2012 and it specialized in ad optimization, web analytics, and content marketing.

Ads Pro is only available on CodeCanyon and it doesn’t have a free version to test.

How To Set Up Ads Pro?

Ads Pro is an easy plugin to set up. It is a standard installation with no other requirements.

You can use this plugin without the purchase code but as you might guess some features are locked until you add it in. The settings are simple for things like payments and notifications.

You can customize the look of things without the use of CSS. This makes it perfect for people who have no or basic CSS skills but if you know how to use CSS it could feel that the styling options are limited.

Ads Pro Plugin can also be combined with BBPress and Buddypress. You can also add advert shortcodes at specific points such as after the third paragraph.

How Does Ads Pro Works?


You need to add a Space before creating ads. Spaces are efficiently groups and they include the cost of the advert, the number of ads shown, order, devices, and more.

Each space allows you to restraint the number of ads, this feature is perfect for those who want to sell advertising space.

In this part, you will be adding the style of the art. There are different types including:

  • Carousel – slide or fade
  • Top or Bottom Scroll Bars
  • Floating (4 options)
  • Pop-up
  • Corner Peel
  • Layer
  • Background
  • Exit pop-up
  • Link

It is here where you decide the template of the ads. Of course, you will find standard sizes such as 125X125 and 728X90.

There is an option, the Standard Ad Creator, to design custom-sized templates that it is hard to see as it doesn’t appear at first and it did not explain what it was but, have a good option.

Once you defined the space you are ready to create an advert that is very easy to do.

You need to choose from a menu, and then you add a URL and an image.

Here we found that the plugin doesn’t tell which is the best image size to use. You need to try different sizes as you will notice that larger image sizes are not supported and every time this happens all the data is reset.

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Pros of Ads Pro Plugin

  • The plugin is extremely lightweight so it doesn’t slow down your site.
  • Multiple types of ads. You can create any size you want.
  • Multiple add placements. You can add an ad anywhere on your website.
  • You can display ads on specific posts, pages, categories, tags, authors or archive pages.
  • You can show ads based on a visitor’s browser width or device type. Plus you can limit the display of ads after specific clicks amount or based on login status.
  • Google AdSense Integration. This plugin will automatically copy all your AdSense ad codes once you link it with your account. Or if you prefer you can do it manually.
  • Ability to sell ads. You can monetize your website by selling ad space. The ad will immediately expire after a specific amount of impressions or clicks.
  • The ad purchase process is simple. Once the payment is completed the buyer is sent to and ad upload page.
  • It supports geolocation at the Space level. This means that the ad will be shown or hidden for specific countries.

Cons of Ads Pro Plugin

  • It doesn’t come with a free test version
  • The analytics area of Ads Pro is confusing and mind-blogging
  • The A/B testing system just compares the data of the two ads. Plus, it is not a test system as both ads are shown at the same time.
  • There is no information about size images.
  • It has several extensions that you need to buy to expand its feature set.

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Bottom Line.

Ads Pro is an impressive plugin but it has defects. It has all that you need to start adding ads to your website but seems to be missing in certain areas and it is not intuitive.

For us, the biggest problem is the wrong implementation of A/B testing. Unfortunately, it is useless and it can frustrate those looking to sell ads space.

Do we recommend Ads Pro?

Yes, but only for those who are looking for an affordable advertising system. Now if you are looking to sell ads then Ads Pro plugin could help you but it is not the best you can find. Because it is definitely not perfect!

As we mentioned already, the A/B test will not give you any data that could help you decide which ad is converting better.

You have to remember that the function of a test system is to show you which of the two ads is performing better. The problem with the Ads Pro testing system is that it just compares the data of the two ads. Besides this is not an A/B test since the moment it shows both ads at the same time.

In general, the plugin has great ability but it could be a good idea that the developers invest more time in improving these issues. If they do it Ads Pro could become a powerful plugin in the WordPress advertising market.

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