7 Brilliant Jobs To Earn Revenue During The Coronavirus – Help The Economy!

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7 Brilliant jobs To Earn Revenue During The Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is quickly spreading around the world and the only way to stop it is to wash our hands, and social distancing meaning we need to stay home. Unfortunately, this also means that people’s economic lives will suffer deeply as establishments close, markets are unsteady, and doing business is nearly impossible.

One thing is true, money is going to get much tighter.

Now more than ever you need to start thinking about your financial health. By implementing the right strategies you can make this turbulent period a lot less financially stressful.

Some people will be more affected than others, while others who are lucky enough could start making money from home.

Whatever your case is, you need to have the right approach to your money that could help navigate you through coronavirus outbreak. You need to save every penny you have to prepare for the worst scenario and you need alternative ways to make money.

Here, are some brilliant ways to make money during the quarantine.

Yes, it sounds odd to suggest this in a large-scale Coronavirus shutdown but two places will continue to remain open pharmacies and grocery stores.

Everyone is going to these two places putting colossal stress on the supply chain, causing food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and medicine to be in demand.

As you might guess, grocery stores are working extra-time to satisfy the needs of customers and they need your help. So during this time, you can apply for a part-time job at a grocery store to earn money.

In the United States, there are over 35,000 open part-time jobs nationally. Here are just a few of the companies looking for part-time workers:

● Aldi
● Costco
● CVS Health
● Dollar General
● Dollar Tree
● Domino’s
● Instacart
● Jet’s Pizza
● Kroger
● Microsoft
● Publix
● Uber Eats
● Walmart
● Whole Foods

Remember that a part-time job will pay you within 1-2 weeks.

2. Become A Freelancer

become a freelancer

Across the world, small and large companies have increased their use of freelancers. During this time you can become a freelancer doing something that you are good at.

The best thing about becoming a freelancer is that you can do it at home. If you want to be one, you should maintain a daily work routine, be ready to do several projects at the same time and you need to be proactive and look for new projects so you can earn money.

You can look at a freelance platform, such as UpWork, Fiverr, and Guru to find work. Also, you can use social media like LinkedIn to offer your work.

You can also read my 14 ways to make money online post.

Some of the most popular categories for freelancers are:

  • Voice over
  • Graphic design
  • Product spokesperson
  • Small homemade items
  • Advertise a brand on your social media channel
  • Translations
  • Adding subtitles
  • Ghostwriting articles
  • Animation
  • Coding

To do professinal freelancing you need tools! Discover the best platform in the world that allow you to turn any Passion into Business.

3. Become A Teacher

become a teacher

Now that millions of people, including kids, are staying home you can become an online tutor. With the help of technological innovations and extensive usage of the internet, you can teach online.

You can teach a language, math, science, music, dancing, etc. If you are not confident about your ability to teach advanced levels, you can always choose to teach novice students.

It is important to choose an online platform to sell your courses. There are two options available for starting a tutoring business:

  1. Sing up with existing tutoring websites
  2. Create your tutoring platform

The 5 best online tutoring software providers are:

  1. Wiziq
  2. Tutorpace
  3. Newrow
  4. Tutorroom.net
  5. SmartSchool from Pinlearn

If you see that all this is hard and, you’re kind of struggling,  you can use the best platform in the world that teaches you not only how to sell your course, but also how to build a business from scratch using your knowledge.

4. Take Online Surveys.

One of the easiest ways to make money at home is by taking online surveys. You have to keep in mind that online surveys do not pay too much but in a crisis, everything counts.

Online surveys paid you in exchange for your opinion. They don’t demand a lot of time.

The downside is that you can’t participate in all of the surveys you get offered.

Also, consider that when you enter a survey site you will be receiving a lot of spam mails. To avoid this you simply create another email account to register for the surveys.

Our favorite five survey websites for money making are:

  1. InboxDollars
  2. Swagbucks
  3. Prize Rebel
  4. Vindale Research
  5. Pinecone Research

5. Etsy Store

Etsy Store

Now that you have more time you can handmade goods and sell them in an Etsy Store.

Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.

You can sell from doilies to dog sweaters to greenhouse construction plans, to handmade food or jewelry.

The most popular categories in Etsy are:

  • Arts
  • Crafts
  • Jewelry
  • Paper Goods
  • Housewares
  • Artisan Candies
  • Baked Goods

Your only costs are a $0.20 per item listing fee, along with a 5% transaction fee and a payment processing fee of 3%+$0.25.

6. Start A Blog Or Website

start a blog or website

Now that you are spending most of the time at home it is a great time to start your blog or website and don’t be scare you can build a website in less than 60 second. If you prefer to talk than to write you can start a podcast of things that interested you.

Don’t be surprised if in a couple of days many people are reading or listening to your words as millions of people are searching the internet right now.

Even though this doesn’t grant instant money, it could help develop your online business and building a follower-base, that will continue to show interest in your ideas. This could lead to making good money if you keep working on it.

For me, the first thing to do is  you have to choose  your GOAL, through your passions, and go from there to achieve a long term business that can generate for your real money and let you live happy from your passions.

Believe me you can build a 6 figure business just from a blog and you know why, because you’re gonna talk about something you love, something you’re an expert in. And the best Platform that can teach you learning by doing is Wealthy Affiliate.

7. Sell Things

sell things

Right now is perfect to start cleaning out your house and make extra cash.

Use this time at home to do a deep Spring Clean of your closets, drawers, garage, and attic. Get rid of everything that doesn’t bring joy. Organize your items and see what can turn into cash by selling them online.

Remember you can sell things such as:

  • Clothes, including your wedding dress
  • Electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops
  • Cameras
  • Video games
  • Purses
  • Shoes
  • Unopened makeup and creams

And the best platform that can help you sell your stuff is Ebay.

Always make sure to clean and disinfect all your items before you ship them out to their new owners.

Also,  if you want get deep, you can start e-commerce or Dropshipping Business model.

Bottom Line.

Nobody knows when the Coronavirus pandemic will end but you need to stay calm and keep practicing social distancing.

Stay positive, and take advantage of these brilliant ways to make money during the COVID-19 quarantine, everything is going to be alright!


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